Why another website of recipes? Don’t we have enough? I asked myself these questions and came up with the answer that there are never enough recipe websites. Every cook learns his or her unique ways of cooking while adapting to changing circumstances. There are always novel ways of writing recipes, describing ingredients, and offering meal suggestions.  Besides, I was getting tired of writing a recipe and losing it. Before I know it, the same person for whom I wrote a recipe would ask for the same recipe. At some point, I began to save the recipes I wrote. After I had a bunch of recipes, it seemed like a good idea to share them with others.

Kale bunch

Another thing I have been doing is to use things like kale, a green that is often used to decorate appetizer trays and salad bars. I developed a couple of recipes using kale. I have also been developing different ways of planning meals, cutting down cooking times, etc., which I wanted to share. A website seemed like a good place to record all the recipes and ideas.






Curry leaves

There was also something that had been bothering me. I cook without recipes, having learned by watching and experimenting. So, when asked, I make up an approximate recipe of a dish. Since I almost never measure things, it has always been guesswork of quantities and methods. I have often wondered how my recipes actually worked. So, I worked “from the other end” while putting together this website of recipes. I used my own recipes! I also took pictures of the ingredients and the important steps. Many times, I found that the quantities and procedures had to be changed. So, I rewrote some recipes and tried them out again. After a few months of working on this project, I had a small collection of tested recipes and a whole bunch of pictures.

Here are a few words about me. Obviously, my family and friends don’t need an introduction. However, if you stumble upon this website, you might appreciate a few facts about the author. My name is Meher Shaik. I live in Toronto with my husband, Tim Dickinson. Our sons, Adam Kabir and John Simon, have grown up and left home. All four in our family love cooking though some of us cook more often than others.

Cook, eat sensibly, and live well!

Meher Shaik

December 2012




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Eggplant supreme
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